Why do Fortune 500 and Global 1000 Companies Trust Sherpa Stream?

Secure, scalable, and dynamic, Sherpa Stream takes your video content to new heights.

Extremely Extensible

No matter what tools you already use, no matter what IT environment your company operates in, Sherpa fits in seamlessly to drive value and revenue growth for your organization.


Incorporate advanced, state-of-the-art security features in your content to keep away prying eyes. Sherpa connects directly with your Active Directory, identity management, or SAML solution so you can provision access without having to build out those connections yourself.

Next-Gen Now

With advanced video formats like 360-degree video becoming more and more mainstream, you can rest assured knowing that Sherpa supports whatever type of video you want to create. Whether it’s 480p, 4K, or full VR, Sherpa’s got you covered.

Key Features

Scalable Live and VOD

Whether you’re hosting on-demand video content or streaming it live, Sherpa Stream manages videos at scale so you can create immersive communications without worrying about how your global audience is going to have access.

Enhanced Interactivity

Get deeper insight into your audience’s consumption habits with interactive modules like Checkpoints and Resources. Track viewership to an individual level and measure engagement or compliance.

Completely Customizable

Fully immerse your viewers by customizing the look and feel of your players and microsites. Instead of being beholden to a 3rd party’s branding, curate the experience to reflect your brand identity and make your viewers know whose content they’re watching from the get go.

Built for Productivity

Create transformative communications by embedding video content in all internal and external channels. Directly embed a video within an email, or stream a live event within your SharePoint site using our native Office 365 integrations. The only limitation is your vision.

All-Around Industry Standard

Built from the ground up with industry standard design practices and streaming architecture, Sherpa Stream works on all devices, all browsers, and with any streaming protocols you may employ, so you can focus on creating the content and not whether your viewers can watch it.

Data-Driven Insights

Leverage Sherpa’s built-in data visualization and analytics engine, which includes granular metrics around engagement and compliance, or tie Sherpa’s metrics in with a 3rd party analytics tool through easy-to-use APIs for even deeper insights.

Create Immersive Experiences, Not Bland Content

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On Premise + Cloud

Sherpa Stream can be deployed on-premise, in cloud, or a combination of the two. This gives companies the flexibility to fit Sherpa into their existing IT and security policies.


Desktop + Mobile

Our end user video experiences are browser and platform agnostic. Players will adapt to smaller screens automatically, always providing the ideal experience for your audiences.


Live + On-Demand

A single platform that allows you to centrally manage both live and VOD content in one place. Live webcasts seamlessly convert into on-demand playbacks without the need to re-publish.

A Business Case for a Consolidated Platform

Today, enterprises are using duct-tape and chewing gum methodologies to create a video solution made up of multiple inadequate point solutions. This inefficiency restricts video adoption and blocks the key benefits found in this powerful asset class.

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